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Transform your business decisions by working with a powerful end-to-end open data platform that connects to different business data sources to improve commercial relationships in various markets.

  • Data Aggregation
    We extract financial, transactional, legal, and qualitative business data to improve your business decisions
  • Data Enrichment
    We process, structure, and correlate data to give you insights to do more and better business in less time.
  • Data Platform
    Visualize and interact with the data. Create users, dashboards, reports, exports, and more.

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About Satws
Satws is now powered by Syntage
All business data directly from the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) with a simple customer consent.
  • Invoices
    Issued and received invoices including the metadata and the CFDI files (XML and PDF)
  • Tax Returns
    Provisional and annual tax returns and its data extracted with OCR
  • Taxpayer Status
    Tax status and compliance documents
Quick setup and easy integration
Syntage is the next step in the evolution of business data solutions. Easy and fast access to transactional and financial info is the core of our platform. We aggregate this data at scale which is ready to be used and analyzed through our Dashboard or API. To get started:
  • 1
    Activate your account
  • 2
    Your customers or suppliers accept to share full data using their tax credential
  • 3
    We aggregate, process, and allow you to visualize the data and insights obtained from it
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