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Access and analyze transactional, financial and qualitative information of any business through data aggregation and data enrichment from multiple sources.

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What we are
A robust, consistent, reliable and fast product
Work with a complete business data infrastructure that you can leverage by integrating through APIs or without writing a single line of code.
  • Data aggregation
    We facilitate access to data from multiple sources to get the most complete financial, transactional and qualitative information of any business.
  • Data enrichment
    We process data that will give you business metrics and indicators to help you make more accurate performance and risk analysis.
  • Platform
    We allow you to explore and interact with all aggregated and enriched data, through a powerful web interface that requires no integration.
Use cases
The key to do more and better business
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Facilitate your evaluation of any entity to make better credit decisions by accessing a complete transaction, financial and qualitative data in a fast and reliable way.
  • Onboarding / KYB / KYC
  • SaaS
  • Procurement
  • Credit portfolio monitoring
  • Private equity
  • Accounting
The achievements that back us up
More than 2 billion transactions processed
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