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about us

We are Syntage

Data is the most valuable asset, it's the present and the future of assertive business decision-making. It's all it takes to thrive in these competitive times where information is power. That's why it's so important to have access to reliable data. That's why we created Syntage.
Syntage is not only an end-to-end open data platform that aggregates, enriches and presents the information in a way that businesses can work with it in an easy, safe and flexible way, Syntage is also an ally who helps companies to grow using technology to streamline and automate their processes while creating more transparent and reliable business relationships.
Our mission

Technology to build efficiency and trust

Create products using advanced technology to promote access to business data, streamline processes and create more transparent and fruitful business relationships.
our mission
Reliable data, better choices. Reliable business, better world.
Our vision

Technology to build efficiency and trust

To be the reference platform in the market that offers the most visibility of data for business analysis, providing measurable and real solutions that add value to society, our customers and stakeholders.
our mission
Our values

What we believe in

Our core values are supported by five pillars which encompass: our work and community.
  • We work with excellence
    We work with excellence
  • We seek balance
    We seek balance
  • We believe in our community
    We believe in our community
  • We are customer obsessed
    We are customer obsessed
  • We promote collaboration
    We promote collaboration
Our investors
Meet the partners who believe in the value we can give to your company.

Meet our customers

We help more than 200 clients to be more efficient with our solutions.

By using Satws from Syntage, we cut our credit granting time by two-thirds. Now, it takes practically only a couple of days, and although there are other things the businesses have to submit - such as legal aspects - our process has been substantially reduced by 60%.
Dr. Enrique Pressburger Cherem
Factor Express